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Best ingredient to replace sugar with – use Joni Bella

Liquid jaggery is an intermediate product obtained from concentrating sugarcane juice after clarification. It is semi-liquid and is also known as sugarcane juice concentrate. In Kannada it is popularly known Joni bella. It is used in various confectionery items as well as making flavoured drink.

Benefits of Joni Bella

  • It helps in blood purification, controls the acidity as well as creates energy in the human body.
  • It increases Haemoglobin level in blood. It is highly nutritious & easy to digest.
  • It is a healthy diet for children & aged person, removes tiredness & energizes the body.
  • It can be used as an alternate to sugar as a natural sweetening agent.
  • From the ancient times, Joni Bella is used to increase the blood level of pregnant women after delivery.

What it Contains

  • Proteins & natural sugar like Glucose
  • Fructose & Sucrose and Minerals like Calcium
  • Phosphorus & Folic Acid
  • Minerals like Iron, Copper and Sulphur

Joni Bella is useful for H.I.V patients. It recovers the energy loss in the body. It can be used to recover lost energy during any disease. It is used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic Medicines and Syrups.

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