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Ayurveda treatment for weight/inch loss – Udwartanam

The same medicated powders used for Podi Kizhi is used for this type of massage also. There are two ways of doing this type of Massage. In the first method medicated powder is made into paste with water and is applied over the body and is allowed to dry. When the water content is evaporated and becomes dry it is rubbed all over the body. We give the best result in ayurvedic treatment for weight loss.
In the second method the powder is first fried for a few minutes in a pan to remove any moisture that may present in it. After that the powder is used to rub all over the body. It is similar to other types of massages, except in the direction of massage. Here medicated powder is rubbed whole over the body from bottom to top. That is moving from the feet to the neck. The powder is massaged in a circular manner starting from the foot.

Benefits of the Treatment:

  • Helps reduce excess fat making the body healthier.
  • The therapy helps make the skin healthy and also makes it blemish less.
  • The treatment works great in reducing and preventing formation of wrinkles on the skin.
  • Helps hydrate the skin removing the causes of dryness.
  • Helps cure disease caused due to toxin accumulation due to sweat glands not functioning properly.
  • It helps get rid of problem of excessive sweating and also skin discoloration.
  • Toxin removal helps get rid of body odor problem.
  • Makes the body healthy and balances vat, pitta and kapha.

Avail benefits of Udwarthanam @ Amruthsparsh Ayurveda Centre Jayanagar Bangalore

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